Stephenson's Auction

Holiday Doll Auction - November 18, 2018

Inspection: 11AM - 1PM; Auction: 1 PM

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Mint in box Mary Hoyer 18" Gigi doll, Madame Alexander Cissette doll with two additional outfits, Heubach bisque head character girl doll, German Walkure bisque head doll, Ideal Saucy Walker doll in original box, antique German wax shoulder head doll, Armand Marseille bisque socket head dolls, Lenci Diana doll mint in original box, Kammer & Reinhardt 402 flirty bisque head doll, wax over papier mache doll, Armand Marseille Queen Louise bisque head dolls, German Kestner 162 bisque head doll, Alexander 8" composition Dionne Quints set, German Kestner 164 bisque head doll, 1930's Ideal Shirley Temple composition dolls, Recknagel bisque socket head doll, Bruno Schmidt bisque head doll, Hildegard Gunzel wax over porcelain Tricia artist doll, Schoenhut circus groupings,

French Tete Jumeau Bebe bisque head dolls, French Jumeau bisque head doll, vintage 1940's doll travel trunk with early clothes, antique and vintage doll whites, antique and vintage doll wigs, vintage doll shoes, assorted miniature dolls, Terri Lee hard plastic doll, porcelain half doll , figural lamp, porcelain half doll figural dresser accessory, Pair of German Schildkrot celluloid Puppen dolls, Georgene Averill bisque head Bonnie Babe doll, 1950's Madame Alexander Cinderella doll with box, 1953 Madame Alexander Rosamund bridesmaid doll, 1950's Madame Alexander Madeline doll, 1940's Nancy Ann Storybook dolls in boxes, Skookum dolls - one in original box, Simon & Halbig rare 1339 bisque head doll, Cuno & Otto Dressel bisque socket head doll,

Vogue Ginny "Carol" strung doll, 1954 Vogue Ginny in marked box with extra outfits, 1952-53 Strung Vogue Ginny doll #80 Wavette series, 1952-53 Strung Vogue Ginny doll "School", 1953 Strung Vogue Ginny doll "Afternoon", 1950 Vogue Ginny Prince Charming doll, 1950's original Steiff Ginny's Pup, 1950's Vogue Ginnette with accessories, sealed Ginny & Ginnette plates and napkins, 1951-52 Strung Vogue Ginny Crib Crowd doll, 1952 strung Vogue Ginny Square Dancer, Madame Alexander-kins hard plastic dolls, Ideal Little Miss Revlon dolls, 1950's Madame Alexander Cissy doll, antique black dolls, Belton-type bisque shoulder head dolls, M & S Superior papier mache shoulder head doll, Madame Alexander Princess Elizabeth composition doll,

Gene doll Blue Goddess in original box, Gene doll Night at the Versailles in original box, 1950's Effanbee Noma talking doll, Ideal Toni doll in original box, American Girl dolls with clothing and accessories, 1940's Effanbee Patsy-Ann composition dolls, 1940's Effanbee Mickey and Janie in original trunk, 1940's Effanbee Skippy Sailor doll, OOAK Barbie dolls, Ponytail Barbie #3 in original box with accessories, assortment of vintage Barbie, Skipper, and Francie clothing, Ideal Tammy doll in case with clothes,

Bisque Heubach Dutch Girl figurine with basket on back, Heubach twins in basket spill vase, German china head dolls, Steiff Dicky Bear in original box with certificate, antique German store counter with miniature store goods, porcelain and bone china half dolls, jointed stuffed bears, and more.