Stephenson's Auction

Dolls, Toys & Trains Spring 2020 - May 31, 2020

Auction: 1 PM

Please note revised date - Sunday, May 31st, 2020 at 1 PM



Dolls & More – Bebe Mascotte by May Freres 15” doll with original signed body, French Trade Gebruder Kuhnlenz 10-27 bisque shoulder head doll, wax French fashion doll, Neapolitan crèche figures, late 18th C. Continental painted wood Santos cage doll, 19th C. paper mache and cloth doll, early paper mache shoulder head lady doll so-called "Millener's Model", black folk art cloth doll, German wax over paper mache antique doll, antique Ella Smith Alabama Baby, 1948 Madame Alexander McGuffey Ana doll, Madame Alexander Margaret O'Brien composition doll, R & B Debu'Teen doll as Princess Elizabeth, miniature 6” German bisque Dream Baby in cradle, 26” Armand Marseille 390 bisque doll, 22" My Sweetheart B.J. & Co. 101 German bisque jointed doll, Simon & Halbig/C. M. Bergmann bisque doll in doll stroller holding teddy bear, Kestner bisque shoulder head doll, 24” Heinrich Handwerck/Simon & Halbig bisque head doll, Simon & Halbig bisque head baby doll 121, Schoenhut 16” girl doll, bisque shoulder head dolls with kid bodies, Kestner bisque shoulder head doll in period outfit, R & B Aranbee hard plastic Nanette skater doll with ice skates and roller skates, Madame Alexander Margaret O'Brien hard plastic doll with original box, Koenig and Wernicke bisque head flirty eyes character doll, miniature German bisque dolls, antique china head dolls, antique painted leather primitive doll, 19th C. paper mache and wood creeping baby mechanical doll,

Vogue Ginny near mint 1952 Rich Uncle special trunk set, Vogue strung 1952 Ginny doll in factory Poodle Coat outfit, Vogue hard plastic strung Ginny Brother, Vogue hard plastic strung Ginny Red Riding Hood, Vogue composition Toddler Beach doll, Composition Vogue Toddler Jack & Jill from Jack and Jill Series, Effanbee composition Martha and George Washington in original box, Vogue hard plastic strung Ginny 1952 Square Dancer, Vogue 1940's Ginny Toddles Air Borne, Vogue 1953 strung hard plastic Ginny doll Debutante Becky, Vogue Ginny doll hard plastic 1950 Edie, Vogue strung, hard plastic Ginny doll 1953 Zipper Series, Vogue Ginny doll 1953 Beach complete with Freddie the Fish, Strung Vogue Ginny doll Wee Willie, Vogue 1953 Ginny doll Debutante Ginger, Vogue Ginny doll clothing, shoes and accessories, Vogue 1940's composition Sunshine Baby, Vogue strung Ginny doll 1950's Half Century Group "Miss 1900", strung Vogue Ginny doll 1952 Square Dancer, strung Vogue Ginny doll hard plastic 1952 Sport Series "Skater",

Lynne and Michael Roche Bella Winter and Marigold Winter dolls, “Hi Ho Dumbo” Evelyn Scott Edenwood Collection doll, Ideal Novelty & Toy Co. 1930's Snow White doll, Knickerbocker 1930's Seven Dwarfs, Madame Alexander Maggie Mix-up in original box with booklet, Effanbee composition Little Lady, Sasha dolls – some in original boxes, Annette Himstedt Lisa doll, composition and cloth 1940’s Effanbee Mickey in box, Ideal hard plastic Saucy Walker, Ideal Toni in original complete outfit with box, composition 1930's Rose O'Neil Giggles and Scottles, Madame Alexander 1930-40's composition Snow White, Madame Alexander 1930’s composition Dionne Quint doll in original tagged romper and bonnet, Juro Novelty Co. American Bandstand Dick Clark celebrity autograph doll, Arranbee R&B 1940's composition doll in original trunk with extensive original mostly factory wardrobe, 1930's Madame Alexander composition Dionne Quint set (five dolls) in original large factory wicker presentation trunk with extensive original wardrobe, 1950's Nancy Ann style show doll "Glamorous" - all original with wrist tag, Skookum and Skookum type dolls, Madame Alexander dolls new in boxes, American Girl dolls and boxes of outfits and accessories,

Vignette (room box) with two antique bisque German dolls, doll furniture, German vintage doll house dolls, German bisque naughties and bathing beauty, WPA foreign lands figures, five Schoenhut wooden clowns, antique German Schuco Monkies with perfume bottle bodies, Madame Alexander 1950’s tagged Cissy doll outfits, doll wigs, doll bonnets and hats, doll whites, doll coats and clothing, christening gowns, Heubach baseball figurine with bat,

Swiss Bucherer metal ball jointed Mutt and Jeff Saba figures, Steiff type Airedale Terrier dogs, two Charleen Kinser Designs The Button King Alpaca Rats, two Jody Battaglia Design limited edition animals Miss Goldie Goose and Willy the Silly Goose with hang tags, Jody Battaglia Design Sister Ella & Lucky, German teddy bears, Steiff Zotty teddy bear and mohair dog, Steiff animals including large Steiff Tige Bulldog, large Steiff 1950's Jocko 19", antique straw stuffed rocking horse, paper mache and wood horse pull toy, elephant pull toy, 1930's Schoenhut donkey, dog, and elephant, and more.


Toys – Collection of Marx tin litho wind-up motorcycles, 1930's Wyandotte pressed steel car and trailer, 1920's Straus Co. bucking mule and clown cart, Chein 1930's tin litho black and orange Taxi Cab, 1990's Pride Lines Mickey Mouse and broom hand car with display stand, original 1977 Stars Wars movie memorabilia, Star Wars figures, set of twelve Star Wars Return of the Jedi Mugs, Marx Roy Rogers Playset in original box, tin and plastic wind-up and friction toys, tin and die-cast cars, antique partial hook and ladder fire engine, Hot Wheels cars, Gilbert Erector Set # 10053, press steel vehicles, Matchbox cars in a vintage Matchbox carrying case, 1960’s Redline Hot Wheels cars, 1970's Mego action figures, 180 small boxes of 1940’s ALLIES marbles in original boxes, tin and slush metal vehicles, Chein 1950's tin litho #49 sand pail set, 1950's plastic Hubley tractor-trailer sets,

1950's Howdy Doody marionette,1950's Howdy Doody's Own Game, Heidy Doody  (Howdy's sister) marionette, 1960's Sears Allstate by Marx large scale road race set, 1980's to 1990's  Marklin Collector's series #2 West German beer cars, large tin litho Japanese Zero Airplane, 1950's Chein tin litho Mickey Mouse (Disneyland) Ferris wheel, Mamod live steam roadster in original box, German Schuco wind-up beer guzzler, Corgi vehicles and trailers, Hubley die-cast vehicles, Winross Trucks in original boxes, 1950's Doepke Barber Greene Gravel Conveyer with treads, assorted military figures and accessories, GI Joe action figures, clothing and Deep Sea Diver, Unique Art Toy Co. "Get Along Lil' Doggie" wind up crazy cart, Marx tin litho "Jumpin Jeep" wind-up toy, set of late 1950's Marx Walt Disney "Disneykins" in display box, Structo and Wyandotte 1950's  pressed steel trucks, Tootsietoy die cast cars and trucks, and more.



Trains - MTH Rail King 2-8-2 Mikado L-1  steam engine in original box, American Flyer S Gauge Missouri Pacific Passenger set by Lionel, K-Line Napa Valley Wine train set, Lionel #6-30096 PRR Keystone Special train Set, 1930's American Flyer "O" gauge  cast aluminum set #9900 Burlington Zephyr  streamline set, U.S. ZONE Germany tin train set in original box, Lionel #6-38606 Southern Pacific 0-4-0 steam engine and tender, Lionel MPC # 6-2256 Station Platforms in original boxes, Marx Deluxe O gauge train set in original box, Athern Genesis  HO Steam Engine & Aristo Craft HO scale trolley-bus system, Limited Edition Loctite HO Scale electric train set in original box, Modern Era Lionel Penn Flyer O gauge freight set, MTH Rail King Trolley, Lionel Trains hand-car, Bachmann N scale Yard Boss train set, American Flyer S Gauge freight cars, Tootsie, Midgetoy and other metal toy trains, Lionel O Gauge train set in original box, Lionel O gauge train accessories, O gauge size Plasticville buildings, Lionel O gauge post war train accessories, American Flyer  S gauge freight set in original boxes, American Flyer S gauge Erie unloading box car, !920's American Flyer windup train set, 1920's Fandor of Germany tin litho wind-up train set, Tenshodo HO gauge brass A & B units in original wooden boxes,

brass 0-6-0 HO gauge side tank steam engine in original box, Marx O gauge Union Pacific M10005 Streamline set in original set box, post War Lionel O-27  gauge Scout set, 1990's Lionel O-27  Zenith/Nationwide Electronics NYC Express train set in original  box, Lionel 1950's HO gauge Santa Fe passenger set, 1940's  American Flyer S gauge streamline aluminum passenger cars, 1960's AHM HO gauge freight train set in original set box, Lionel post war O gauge #675 steam engine and whistle tender, 1950's General Model Corp. SW-9 die-cast metal diesel engine and an extra General Models Corp.  SW-9 diesel shell, 1970's Jouffe HO gauge European passenger set, 1970's Hallmark Models diesel dual powered A&B units, 1970's brass HO gauge cars, 1950's Mysterious Electronic Tin Train Set #372 in original box, early 1900's wind-up tin toy train floor toy, 2003 Lionel Glacier Route Great Northern O gauge freight set, 1960's Lionel uncataloged O-27 train set #11570, Marklin HO gauge passenger cars and beer cars, 1960's Lionel ZW 275 watt 4 control transformer, Lionel Riding the Rails Hobo Train set in sealed box, Lionel The Polar Express passenger train set in box, and more.


Also - Cast iron antique and vintage mechanical and still banks, two vintage Gumball Machines, Disney Premium character glasses from the 1940's and 1950's, PEZ and Pez related items, James D. Capron cast iron mechanical elephant bank, and more.